Maintaining the electric power grid

Monitor your substation assets with early detection and remote thermal imaging

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Meet the IGAR 6 Advanced

Featuring automatic transition between 1-color and 2-color measurement modes!

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NEW IGA 140/23 pyrometer

Ideally suited for low temperature metal, ceramic, graphite, and other material applications starting at
50 °C.

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Reformer Furnaces

Optimal reformer temperature can prolong tube life 5 to 10 years. How are you monitoring your furnace temperature?

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PULSAR 4 now with HART

Optimize your Sulfur Recovery Unit with continuous monitoring of both refractory and gas temperatures

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Meet the IGAR 6 Advanced

We are excited to share that we released the new IGAR 6 Advanced pyrometer today! We invite you to learn more what it makes so special.


Non-contact temperature measurement parameters

The accurate control of process temperatures is critical to ensuring a quality product in flat glass manufacture. For non-contact infrared temperature measurement systems, it is necessary to fully understand the importance of parameters.