New LUXTRON m920 Series Modules

Fiber Optic Temperature Sensing for Semiconductor, Utility, & OEM Applications

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Flare Monitor Quasar 2 M8100-EXP

For continuous monitoring and detection of pilot flame and flared gases from flares

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Release of LumaSpec RT v1.5

New features of our infrared imaging software including scene recognition.

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Maintaining the electric power grid

Monitor your substation assets with early detection and remote thermal imaging

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Online Dissolved Gas Analysis Monitoring Solution

Multi-gas detection for transformers and load tap changers

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Non-Contact Monitoring in Glass Manufacturing

As with most other industrial material processes, temperature greatly impacts the quality of glass products. Manufacturers can monitor the temperature of materials and machines using non-contact infrared (either pyrometers or thermal imagers) to ensure products will meet quality standards and market requirements.


Flare monitoring

Flare monitoring Quasar 2 – a new generation of infrared pilot flame monitors from LumaSense keeps the fires burning