m920 Series

Fiber Optic Temperature Sensing for Etcher, Wafer Fab and Advanced Technology systems

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Maintaining the electric power grid

Monitor your substation assets with early detection and remote thermal imaging

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Online Dissolved Gas Analysis Monitoring Solution

Multi-gas detection for transformers and load tap changers

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Meet the IGAR 6 Advanced

Featuring automatic transition between 1-color and 2-color measurement modes!

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PULSAR 4 now with HART

Optimize your Sulfur Recovery Unit with continuous monitoring of both refractory and gas temperatures

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Temperature monitoring on flat glass lines

Careful monitoring of glass temperatures and of production equipment and machinery is the only way to ensure that product quality will meet stringent marketplace requirements.


Learning about the pyrometer

Temperature measurement is critical when monitoring and optimizing process intensive applications, such as those found in the steel and glass industries.