IMPAC Pyrometer
IGA 140-TV

Digital pyrometer with integrated color camera non-contact temperature measurements on metals, ceramics, graphite etc. between 220 and 3000 °C.

Pyrometer IMPAC IGA 140-TV
TV Image View

Key Features

  • Temperature ranges between 250 and 2500 °C
  • Video output
  • Spot size marker for exact alignment


The pyrometers IS 140-TV and IGA 140-TV are digital, highly accurate pyrometers for non-contact temperature measurement on metals, ceramics, graphite etc. They are equipped with a color camera module which enables the optical alignment of the pyrometer to the measuring object via video screen or monitor.

The monitor shows the actual measuring temperature as well as the adjusted emissivity of the pyrometer. Additionally the date and the time and a free selectable text can be displayed.


Technical Data

Temperature ranges:

MB 13:   300 ... 1300°C       

MB 13.5L:   250 ... 1350°C   

MB 18:   350 ... 1800°C       

MB 25:   450 ... 2500°C

MB 20L:   300 ... 2000°C       

MB 25L:   350 ... 2500°C

MB 30L:   300 ... 3000°C

other temperature ranges on request

Subrange: any range adjustable within the temperature range, minimum span 51°C
Spectral ranges:

1.45 to 1.8 µm

Signal processing: photoelectric current, digitized immediately


(ε = 1, t90 = 1 s, Tamb. = 23°C)

below 1500°C: 0.3% of measured value in °C + 1°C

above 1500°C: 0.5% of measured value in °C

Repeatability: 0.1% of measured value in °C + 1°C
Resolution: interface and display: 0.1°C, analog output: < 0.1 % of temperature range
Response time t90: < 1 ms, adjustable up to 10 s (“L” temperature ranges: with dynamical adaption at low signal levels)
Emissivity ε: 10 to 100% adjustable in steps of 0.1%
Analog output: linear 0 to 20 mA or 4 to 20 mA, DC, switchable; load max. 500 Ohm
Test current output: fixed 10 mA (for 0 to 20 mA analog output) or fixed 12 mA (for 4 to 20 mA analog output)
Power supply: 24 V AC/DC (12 to 30 V AC/DC) (AC: 48 to 62 Hz)
Power consumption: max. 2 VA
Serial interface: switchable inside the pyrometer: RS232 or RS485 addressable, half duplex; baud rate up to 115 kBd
Parameters: adjustable at the instrument or via serial interface: emissivity; response time; analog output; address; baud rate; waiting period tW; temperature unit °C or °F; setting of the maximum value storage; temperature sub range
Maximum value storage: single or double storage; cleared by: preselected time interval; external deletion contact or via digital interface; automatically with the next measuring object
Isolation: power supply, digital interface, analog output are galvanically isolated against each other and housing
Sighting: laser targeting light (max. power level < 1 mW, λ = 630-680 nm, CDRH class II) or thru-lens view finder
Protection class: IP65 (DIN 40 050)
Ambient temperature: 0 to 70°C at housing
Storage temperature: -20 to 80°C
Weight: approx. 550 g
CE-label: according to EU directives about electromagnetic immunity
Technical data video module (only TV version):
Video signal: FBAS-Signal approx. 1 Vpp at 75 Ohm, PAL (B), 50Hz (optional NTSC (M), 60 Hz)
Resolution: 628 x 582 Pixel (510 x 492 at NTSC)
Illumination control: automatic or adjustable (via keyboard or software)
Field of view: approx. 3.5% x 5% of the adjusted measuring distance
Connection video signal: SCART- or Cinch plug (monitor’s side); separate round plug (at the pyrometer); connections galvanically isolated; video signal selectable when more than one pyrometer with TV output is used
Date / time: Real time clock with about 3 days buffer (GoldCap capacitor, free of harmful substances)
Screen display: circular target marker; instrument’s number or text to your choice (max. 12 characters); time and / or date (switchable); measured temperature, emissivity




IMPAC Pyrometer IGA 140-TV
Focusable Optics 1 a=130...200 mm
Focusable Optics 2 a=190...420 mm
Focusable Optics 3 a=340...4000 mm

Display of optical path:

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