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The Automotive industry has many applications that require high performance test & measurement equipment. Advance Energy offers a broad range of high-performance products to meet these requirements. From thermal sensing needs to low resistance measurements, AE TEGAM products assist automobile manufacturers and suppliers.

Ensure Quality Production & Processes for Automotive Manufacturing

Advanced Energy offers several high -performance product lines to meet a wide variety of test & measurement applications within the automotive industry.
The AE TEGAM 1750 Series Micro-Ohmmeters, specializing in low-resistance measurements, are used to conduct weld checks for EV battery cells and for busbar testing on EV battery packs. These models are also used to conduct weld checks on electric motors, coating thickness verifications, monitoring robotic welder cable wear, and conducting fuse inspections, to name just a few applications.
For the numerous thermal processes used in the manufacturing supply chain, AE TEGAM offers lab-grade temperature calibrators, industrial thermometers, and a broad selection of standard and custom temperature probes to calibrate, spot-check, and continuously monitor temperatures throughout the process.


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June 03, 2023

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