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RF Generator Calibration

Calibration of RF Generators, like most devices, is required to maintain accuracy, to conform accuracy to a common path (traceability), and to ensure proper operation on a periodic basis. Advanced Energy offers RF power meters for precise calibration of RF generators in the field where the tool is located. Our 5500 series RF power meters have the display built in and can be calibrated at several frequency points commonly used in the seminconductor industry to minimize the number of sensors and equipment required.


Advanced Semiconductors Require Precise Measurement

Finer geometries and denser circuity require precise RF power control. Maintaining RF Generators through periodic checks and calibration ensures they are performing at their best. Advanced Energy's expertise in high power RF generation and measurement is key to consistency and repeatability in process control. The calibrations of our 5500 series RF power meters are accredited to ISO17025 and traceable to Advanced Energy calorimeters for exceptional accuracy.