Basic Ventilation Software 7650

Ventilation Measurement application software for remote control of photoacoustic field gas monitors and sampler and doser units. This software is especially developed to perform quantitative air exchange and air flow analysis using the tracer gas method principles.

Innova 7650 Ventilation Software
Gas Monitor INNOVA 1512
Sampler and Doser Unit INNOVA 1403

Key Features

  • Synchronizes the sampling and dosing functions of the Sampler and Doser unit (INNOVA 1403) to the measurements cycle of the Gas Monitor (INNOVA 1512)
  • Calculates the air-exchange efficiency, age-of-air and other parameters for each location (i.e. control volume)
  • Dosing is remote-controlled.
  • Dosing can either be pulsed injection for decay measurements or constant dose for flow measurements.
  • Measurement is run automatically and the measurement results are presented in graphical and numerical views.
  • The measurement can be used to calculate parameters like Age of Air, Air Exchange and others by using cursors to mark an interval.



The Basic Ventilation Software 7650 is especially developed to perform quantitative air exchange analysis using the main tracer-gas methods: Concentration decay and constant injection

The three types of gas-concentration/time curve from which the 7650 can calculate Key Values

Air Samples spiked with the selected tracer gas is delivered through the selected sample channel on the Multipoint Sampler and Doser – INNOVA 1403 to the Photoacoustic Gas-Monitor - INNOVA 1512 to be analyzed by the Monitor.

The 7650 can control one 1512 and one 1403 unit. The 7650 Basic Ventilation Software is able to perform ventilation measurements by controlling both hardware and software in the instruments. The user sets up the Gas Monitor with Gasses to be measured and the sampler and doser unit by selecting up to 6 sample channels and 1 out of 3 doser channel. Measurement data and the running status of the instruments are displayed on-screen. Data can be backed up and exported to csv or Excel files for further analysis and documentation.

System setup for tracer gas monitoringSystem setup for tracer gas monitoring


The Software 7650 serves as:

  • System setup interface with a comprehensive list of options,
  • Remote control for the synchronization of the monitoring, dosing and sampling task,
  • Graphic user interface for the online supervision of on-going measurement, and the post-processing of data.


Examples of application and supported test standards are listed in our solution page for ventilation performance.

The Basic Ventilation Software is delivered with the Sampler and Doser unit INNOVA 1403. For Downloads and Service Net please contact us .

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