Infrared Thermometer

Infrared thermometry for sulfur reactors and other high temperature furnaces. Temperature range: 350 ... 2000 °C.

LumaSense’s E²T PULSAR 4 Advanced is designed to measure two wavelengths for continuous and instantaneous measurement of Refractory Temperature (RT), Gas Temperature (GT) and Integrated Temperature (FF).

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Sulfur Recovery measurement PULSAR 4

Key Features

  • Single Channel Model programmable for Gas or Refractory Measurement
  • Two Channel Advanced Model with simultaneous Measurement of Refractory and Gas Temperatures
    • Separate channel outputs and alarm relay set points
    • Instant or Average Readings
  • Smart FMA™ Flame Measurement Algorithm (PULSAR 4 Advanced Only)
  • Explosion-Proof Certification II 2G EX d IIB +H2 T4, IECEx, ATEX, FM (US and CDN) plus additional regional certifications
  • Integrated power supply, capable of operating with 24VDC/120/230VAC
  • RS485 Interface, HART protocol (PULSAR 4 Advanced only)

Addressing Complex Processes

Optimal operation of Sulfur Recovery Unit (SRU), Sulfur Burner, and Thermal Oxidizer furnaces require accurate process Gas (Flame) measurement and accurate Refractory measurement for operational safety (high temperature alarms).

Of particular importance is control of the furnace process temperatures to prevent damage to the furnace refractory and assurance that reaction or destruction temperatures are reached and maintained.

The Problem

Thermocouple measurement of acid processes either fail prematurely or are protected by multiple thermo wells and sweep air systems that make thermal transmission to the actual thermocouple inaccurate or slow and only provides a refractory measurement not useful for process control.

Typical Single Channel Infrared Pyrometers do not compensate for changing flame transparencies and only provide one wavelength measurement. Clients must settle for either a Gas (Flame) or Refractory measurement or make multiple installations requiring multiple ports and hardware installations.


The LumaSense Solution

A single system installation with two independent IR filtered detectors that provides both Gas (Flame) and Refractory measurements simultaneously.
The innovative LumaSense Smart FMA™ Flame Measurement Algorithm allows for accurate realtime flame transparency compensation and correction.

Applying flame transparency calculation with FMA removes the flame transparency errors that typical IR pyrometers experience to the Gas (Flame) and Refractory temperatures, providing the highest accuracy in process temperatures.

Sulfur Recovery Unit



LumaSense Technologies’ new generation E²T PULSAR 4 combines continuous measurement of gas and refractory temperatures, reporting both readings simultaneously in one instrument.

The PULSAR 4 is a single channel option for direct replacement of our older PULSAR II products. The advanced features of a 2nd channel and Smart FMA can be added with a firmware key after purchasing the PULSAR 4.

Smart FMA™

(PULSAR 4 Advanced Only)

LumaSense Technologies has developed a unique method called LumaSense Smart Flame Measurement Algorithm (Smart FMA™) to compensate for varying gas transparency and their effects on gas and refractory IR temperature measurements. In a normal situation, a dirty flame can increase the signal emitted from the refractory depending on the quality, quantity and absorption of the flame.

In a similar manner, some transparency of the flame or hot gas can cause refractory radiance to decrease the flame temperature. The FMA algorithm virtually removes these unwanted ‘crosstalk’ artifacts and solves for more meaningful refractory and flame/hot gas temperatures in real time.


Technical Data

PULSAR 4 and PULSAR 4 Advanced
Temperature Range: 350…2000 °C (662…3632 °F)
Measurement uncertainty:
(E = 1, t90 = 1 s, Tamb. = 25 °C)
±0.3% of Reading or 3°C +1 Digit, whichever is greater
Response Time t90: PULSAR 4: Programmable from 0.05 to 120 sec.
PULSAR 4 Advanced: Programmable from 0.05 to 120 sec. When FMA mode is on 0.5 to 120 sec.
Analog outputs: PULSAR 4: 2 identical analog outputs 4...20 mA, linear, Select one of RT, GT or FF Corresponding to NAMUR NE43
PULSAR 4 Advanced: 2 analog outputs 4...20 mA, linear, Outputs can be assigned to RT, GT or FF Corresponding to NAMUR NE43
Digital Interfaces: RS485 addressable (half-duplex), Baud rate: 1.2…115.2 kBd, HART Rev. 7 interface
Load: 0 … 600 Ω (mA output)
Relay Alarm: 30 VDC / 1A max.; Resistive;
Configuration of alarm: no alarm; alarm, if temperature > setpoint; alarm, if temperature < setpoint
Emissivity Adjustment: 0.100 to 1.000 digital on both channels when in Standard mode
Transmittance Adjustment: 0.100 to 1.000 digital on both channels when in Standard mode
Alpha Adjustment: PULSAR 4: N/A
PULSAR 4 Advanced: 0.050 to 1.000 aLP when in FMA mode on GT channel (when in FMA mode)
Focusing Range: 500 mm to infinity
Target Size: 160:1 Standard Resolution, (distance / target size)
Power supply: 24 V (18 … 30 VDC), 0.2 A maximum; 3.5 A with heater . 115 VAC ±10%, 47…63 Hz; 230 VAC ±10%, 47…63 Hz
Power consumption: Max. 90 W (with heater)
Fusing: (F1) 1.6A, ’T’ Time-Lag 5x20mm; (F2) 1.25A, ’T’ Time-Lag 5x20mm; (F3) 1A,’T’ Time-Lag 5x20mm
Ambient Temperature Limits: -40 ... +60°C
Hazardous Classification: CE 2809 II 2G, EX d IIB +H2 T4 Gb
FM14ATEX0004X IECEx FME 14.0001X
Class I, Div. 1, Groups B, C & D, T4
Ta = -40 °C to 60 °C IP66
NEMA "Type 4X" classification
Torque Spec, Lid Bolts: 5.5 Nm
Air: View port purge: 1.4 bar min., 1.7 m3 /h (@ standard conditions)
Combustion purge: 1.4 bar min., 17 m3 /h (@ standard conditions)

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