LumaSpec™ RT Software

Windows-Based Thermal Imaging Software that Offers High-Speed Real-Time Data Acquisition and Image Analysis Capabilities

  • Profitability: Reduce waste and improve yield by minimizing time to corrective action
  • Production: Cut unscheduled downtime with early detection of process and equipment problems
  • Optimization: Improve resource utilization efficiency with full automation
  • Quality: Improve value with detection and removal of process defects
  • Safety: Reduce hazards with early detection and warning of
LumaSpec™ RT Software Main Display
LumaSpec™ RT Software Display Tools
LumaSpec™ RT Software Analysis Tool
LumaSpec™ RT Software Pop up Tools
LumaSpec™ RT Software Alarm Tools

Learn – With LumaSpec RT software, users can use intuitive image and data display tools to understand the thermal characteristics of their processes, equipment, and products using LumaSense Mikron M7500, MC320, MCS640, and MCL640 thermal imaging cameras. Display tools allow users to view thermal snapshots, real time camera feeds, captured sequences, or temperature profiles over larger areas or pinpoint locations.

Analyze – LumaSpec RT software provides users with a vast array of graphing and analysis tools to characterize thermal data over distance, area, and time to thoroughly understand the temperature features of their subject matter. Using LumaSpec RT software analysis tools, users can quickly validate theory, isolate areas of specific interest, or identify uses for monitoring and alerts.

Monitor – Ease of use and reliability are the cornerstone of LumaSpec RT’s temperature monitoring tools. Dedicated temperature monitoring windows with the always on-top option ensures users will have at-a-glance security in knowing their process is under control. In a single click, users can take any analysis tool and make it a monitoring tool or set them up on the fly. Seamlessly integrate and use existing monitoring tools with the optional Analog or OPC output modules.

Alert – With LumaSpec RT’s native Alarm Tools, users can setup on-screen alerts or optional digital outputs to reduce time to corrective action to maximize safety and product yield. Combine multiple Alarms to validate deviations and eliminate false alerts ensuring operator confidence. LumaSpec RT’s Alarm tools make sure you know when temperatures are not what they should be.



LumaSpec™ RT software packages:

  Viewer Basic Analyzer Control
Image Acquisition & Camera Control
Remote camera control (focus, speed, uniformity correction, etc.) x x x x
Adjustable emissivity, background, & transmission settings x x x x
Adjustable image palettes including colors, span, & range x x x x
Auto-gain for entire image or individual ROI x x x x
Acquire images and save thermal data x x x x
Save videos of thermal images x x x x
Use exported images with LumaSpec Offline Analyzer x x x x
Zoom up to 8x x x x x
Playback and analyze recorded images / videos x x x x
Auto range switching (for MCS640 camera)     x x
Pan and Tilt control support       x
DualVision Thermal and Visual camera support       x
Pyrometer integration       x
Scene Registration for automatic ROI object tracking       x
Image and Data Analysis
Histogram x x x x
Isotherms x x x x
ROI processing (up to 32 ROIs per camera)   x x x
Multiple types of ROI (point, line, area, etc) with temperature display   x x x
ROI minimum, maximum, average, and standard deviation temperature information from every pixel   x x x
3D Profile display   x x x
Line Profile thermal chart   x x x
Hot and cold spot detection   x x x
Image Subtraction     x x
Trend charts of ROI measurements     x x
Orthogonal axis temperature profile tool (X-Y thermal plot)     x x
Data Sharing
Save images as JPG or BMP x x x x
Export recorded video as AVI movies x x x x
One-click export to Microsoft Excel     x x
Text file data export tools     x x
Archiving Tools       x
Automation and Plant DCS
ROI Alarm tools     x x
Support for up to 24 cameras simultaneously       x
Multi-camera configuration with camera auto start feature       x
OPC protocol support       x
Modbus protocol support (serial and Ethernet)       x
Web page server       x
I/O module support for relays and analog outputs       x
Password controlled user access and user profiles       x
ROI trigger with pre-buffer memory       x
Trigger based on Alarm condition       x
External inputs via I/O or protocols (OPC or Modbus)       x
Automated tour function with Pan and Tilt cameras       x

LumaSense’s thermal imaging solutions offer flexible configuration options for single or multiple camera models. The system can be set up by connecting multiple cameras (up to 24 models simultaneously depending on the purchased package) to a network device (switch) or by connecting the camera directly to a dedicated computer using a cross-over Ethernet cable. The camera can also be used with a desktop or rack mount PC or with a notebook PC for a mobile measuring system.

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