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eVerest RF Generator


Angstrom-Era Precision Power

As the semiconductor industry speeds toward a new inflection, the eVerest™ RF generator fills the need for transformational plasma control. Its configurable multi-level pulsing enables instantaneous or user-defined transition timing. Additionally, high-speed, high-accuracy model-based frequency tuning with wide frequency sweep range provides greater process stability and control. These capabilities, plus faster setpoint response, controlled overshoot at the beginning of pulsing states, and sophisticated PowerInsight by Advanced Energy™ IoT intelligence empower process innovation for the next technology node.


  • Full RF delivery system, multiple options for matching solutions, and intelligent synchronization
  • Speed and control within programmable multi-level pulse profiles
  • High-speed RF output response and pulse-state rise/fall times
  • Up to ±10% frequency tuning range
  • Designed-in dP/dZ stability
  • PowerInsight by Advanced Energy™ IoT ecosystem


  • Enables novel process development for < 2 nm deposition and etch profiles
  • Provides reliable ignition with RF stability independent of cable length
  • Integrates seamlessly into any plasma system
  • Increases process space and widens stability window
  • Backed by worldwide product and application support from local service centers


Cooling: Water
Output Frequency (MHz, kHz): 1 to 60 MHz
Input Voltage (V): 208, 400-480 VAC
Power Level (kW): 3.5 to 10 kW
Rack Width: Half and Full rack
Height (Inches): 3U
Communications Interface: EtherCAT, Ethernet, RS-232, DeviceNet
Advanced Features: Multi-level Pulsing, arc management, CEX, MBFT
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