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Advanced Energy's Artesyn BDQ1300 & BCQ1300 series quarter-brick converters are isolated DC-DC devices that convert a 40 to 60 V input range to a single 12 V output. With a power rating of 1300 W, these units serve both computing and server applications as well as regulated communications equipment supplies, delivering up to 107 A without minimum load restrictions.

Additionally, our NDQ900 converter represents a new generation of non-isolated, digitally-controlled power solutions. It delivers up to 900 W with a 12.25 V output, offering ultra-high peak efficiency of 96.7%. This quarter-brick converter performs excellently across an operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C with forced air cooling, making it a prime choice for 48 V to 12 V down conversion in high-power computing and storage applications.

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